Coach Mikey-Mike's Zoo Yoga


I created Mikey-Mike’s ZooYoga to be creative and fun for all. Feel free to change

or adapt poses to skill levels and age appropriateness.

It encourages children to be creative

It helps with strength, balance and flexibility

It allows them to explore body movements

It demonstrates proper body alignment

It provides a western, refreshing approach to yoga

It teaches children about animals and Africa

Tips: Have children pace themselves and work at their own level, wear

comfortable clothing; barefoot when appropriate, and remember to stay

hydrated with lots of fresh water

ZooYoga is not just for kids; feel free to dive right in and participate. It is

strongly recommended that you consult with your child’s pediatrician or

primary healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program.

And now, we hope your child will enjoy helping

Mikey-Mike celebrate his ZooYoga!