Shout Out To My Zoo Crew - CV Indie Film Award Winners! Posted on 17 Dec 15:44



Mikey-Mike's Zoo Yoga Animals Of Africa

CV Indie Film Award winner for


Leo Peet-Paduano, Michael "Mikey-Mike" Paduano and Nate Peet-Paduano on the red carpet for the CV Indie Film Awards!


Natalie Bible’ - Director                

Michael Paduano - Producer                                                                                                      

Brieanna Steele - Producer

John DeGruchy - Associate Producer

Jennifer Stowe - Associate Producer

David Peet - Associate Producer              

Hair and Makeup - Shashona Browning

Casting / Producer - Bill-E Johnson                                                                           

Assistant Casting Director - Hedi Young

Set Design - Bruce Weber           

Robert Paduano - Production Assistant                                 

Patricia Paduano - Production Assistant                                                

Corinne Dodge  - Location for Wally World

And All Of My Talented Zoo Crew!




The CV Indie Film Awards Origins

Gina Carey CEO / President

The CV Indie Film Awards was founded in 2017 by Indie filmmaker Gina Carey, CEO of Gina Carey Films (Family Film Movie Production Company since 2015) and Gico Music (Indie Record Company since 1996).

Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert and Mikey-Mike's Zoo Yoga Posted on 2 Feb 14:35

I had a great time volunteering at The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert (CDMOD) for their Saturday Drop-In-and-Discover. It was a beautiful day and we made good use of the weather by stretching outside. Mikey-Mike’s ZooYoga focuses on animals of Africa, ZooYoga poses such as the African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Zebra and African Crown Crane.

Geared toward the interest of children and capturing their imagination, Mikey-Mike’s ZooYoga is creative and fun for all ages. It was great to see parents, grandparents and friends all get together and enjoy a wonderful ZooYoga class outside in sunny Rancho Mirage.

I encourage everyone with children to check out the CDMOD. It is a fantastic world with interactive exhibits, special classes and workshops.

Coach Mikey-Mike's Zoo Yoga Posted on 5 Oct 15:47

Michael Paduano is active in promoting children’s’ health and fitness. His

expertise goes across the board, working with both adults and children in the

areas of yoga, Pilates, group exercise, team sports and other disciplines. He is an

International Sports Aerobics Gold Medalist; two-time NPC Mr. Fitness Emerald

Cup Champion; a fitness columnist and an active member of the National Youth

Sports Coaches Association. A passion close to his heart is working with children

with special needs, critical diseases and those who communicate using American

Sign Language. Mr. Paduano is also the creator and host of Healing Yoga and Mikey

Mike’s ZooYoga (available on DVD).

If you would like to contact Mr. Paduano, or to find out where he might be

appearing, then please visit his website at:


Benefits of Yoga for Kids - Children's Yoga Benefits Posted on 10 Jan 17:51

Zoo Yoga helps kids to:

  • Develop their body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy and fun way
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement geared for the interests of kids
  • Build concentration
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group
  • Have an exercise alternative, getting away from electronic devices

Zoo Yoga Important For Fun and Fitness For Kids Posted on 1 Apr 22:20

Mikey-Mike's Zoo Yoga - Animals of Africa!

CV Indie Film Awards Winner... Best Animation / Child / Teen Film

Zoo Yoga is a kids yoga DVD that is fun and energetic for the skills and imitation for kids. Start having fun with yoga today.

Zoo Yoga... It's not just for kids! Posted on 21 Mar 15:43

Welcome to Zoo Yoga... Make exercise fun and exciting for the imagination and energy level of children.

Remember, "it's not just for kids!"