Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert and Mikey-Mike's Zoo Yoga

I had a great time volunteering at The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert (CDMOD) for their Saturday Drop-In-and-Discover. It was a beautiful day and we made good use of the weather by stretching outside. Mikey-Mike’s ZooYoga focuses on animals of Africa, ZooYoga poses such as the African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Zebra and African Crown Crane.

Geared toward the interest of children and capturing their imagination, Mikey-Mike’s ZooYoga is creative and fun for all ages. It was great to see parents, grandparents and friends all get together and enjoy a wonderful ZooYoga class outside in sunny Rancho Mirage.

I encourage everyone with children to check out the CDMOD. It is a fantastic world with interactive exhibits, special classes and workshops.

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